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Fluoride is a mineral that is naturally found in water and some foods. Fluoride is sometimes referred to as nature’s cavity fighter, as this mineral can strengthen tooth enamel. This helps to protect the teeth against acid attacks that cause cavities. In addition, fluoride strengthens developing and growing teeth.

Extra fluoride has been added to water supplies in many areas. In addition, because fluoride is good for the teeth, this mineral has been added to many dental products and is used in dental offices.

Dental Products
Many toothpastes and mouthwashes contain fluoride to give your teeth extra protection against tooth decay. If you are unsure about whether or not a toothpaste or mouthwash contains fluoride, look for the ADA seal of acceptance.

Fluoride Treatments
Dental fluoride treatments are applied directly to the teeth by a dental professional. Fluoride treatments are applied in gel, foam, or varnish form. The fluoride is left in contact with the teeth for a few minutes to allow the fluoride to take effect. Fluoride in this form is of a higher concentration than fluoride found in dental products.

Fluoride Supplements
If you or your child is at a high risk of cavities or if you do not receive enough fluoride in your water, Dr. Schamberger, Dr. Gregston, and Dr. Thomas may suggest fluoride supplements, which are taken orally.

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