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The dangers of mouth jewelry to your oral health can include many conditions like nerve damage, infections, and even damaged teeth. In fact, there are multiple reasons why mouth jewelry is dangerous because of the long-lasting damage it can inflict.

Our dentist, Dr. Lance Schamberger, is happy to help you with your oral health needs. That is why our team at Leadville Dental Center in Leadville, Colorado, wants to share with you the facts on why mouth jewelry can be a threat to you.

Here are some facts on the reasons why mouth jewelry is dangerous for you:

– Risk of infections: Because your mouth is a moist spot, keep in mind that it is also a breeding zone for bacteria that can cling to your mouth jewelry and cause many infections.

– Nerve damage: Mouth jewelry, especially for the tongue, is treacherous because your tongue is full of nerves and if not applied correctly, you can damage the nerves in your tongue creating speech and even chewing problems.

– Drooling: Tongue jewelry is known to increase saliva production which can cause a lot of drooling.

– Choking: Because the mouth jewelry often has small parts it contains, the jewelry becomes a choking hazard, especially while you sleep.

– Allergies: Many people suffer from allergic reactions to metals or various plastics in their mouth because their mouth is a sensitive area in their body.

-Dental damage: Mouth jewelry is very hard whether it’s metals or plastics you choose from and can chip and crack your teeth easily causing severe damage to your teeth.

As you can see, mouth jewelry can be hazardous to your oral health and cause many other problems. If you have questions about your oral health, or if you need to see a dentist, please call us today at 719-486-2060 to make an appointment. We look forward to your call.