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Building your best smile includes making sure you’re avoiding the risks associated with cavities. A cavity is a condition in which dental erosion has reached the point that a hole has formed in your tooth enamel. That hole, or cavity can allow, bacteria to enter the interior of your tooth and damage your pulp, which can eventually lead to pulp death and tooth loss. To combat this, you should establish effective cavity prevention plans.

Your first step in cavity prevention is improving your oral hygiene routines, which includes making sure you are brushing at least twice every day. Because your brush cannot completely clean between teeth, you will need to add interdental cleaning tools such as a water flosser or dental floss to reach areas that a brush cannot. For additional help with cleaning your mouth try using a therapeutic mouthwash and even sugarless chewing gum after meals.

Beyond your oral health care, you will need to make sure that your mouth is always producing enough saliva to rinse away any food debris and acid that contribute to cavities. Saliva can even provide disease-fighting substances for your smile. To help produce additional saliva, try eating crunchy foods that have a high water content or try chewing sugarless gum. Both of these methods have been shown to be effective tools in the battle against cavities.

Your smile and your oral healthcare can receive a boost with cavity prevention. If you want to visit the dental office of Leadville Dental Center in Leadville, Colorado, you can book an exam by calling us at 719-486-2060. Dr. Lance Schamberger and our entire team look forward to providing you with the cavity prevention treatments you need.